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30 Years of Experience

Physical Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

FIZICA; It is an expert, modern and innovative institution aiming to provide the best service to patients and their relatives with a multidispinar approach in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Our center consists of Doctor Examination Rooms, Waiting Hall, Special-Purpose Exercise Hall, Exercise Hall for Neurological and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, and a fully equipped Hand Rehabilitation Unit in accordance with the standards specified by the regulations.
Our center, designed to ensure patient health and satisfaction, is a health institution that offers reliable and scientific PHYSICAL THERAPY and REHABILITATION and GENERAL HEALTH services at contemporary standards, with VIP rooms, an elevator for the disabled, special beds that can be adjusted according to the anatomical form of the patients, service, transportation and parking services. In our center equipped with modern devices; There is a suitable electrical network, generator system, heating-cooling and central broadcasting system for electro-therapy devices.

Our Mission
To increase your quality of life by closely following all scientific research and technological developments in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, without compromising ethical values, and by offering individual applications with correct and effective treatment methods.
Our Vision
Using its experience and resources effectively, it aims to become a nationwide reference institution in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation with its qualified team and modern infrastructure and quality health services it offers.
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