Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program applied under medical supervision (ECG monitoring, oxygen level measurement, pulse and blood pressure monitoring, etc.) in order to increase the quality of life of people who have problems with heart health and to enable them to return to their daily lives more easily.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

It is a program that aims to limit physical impairment or any damage caused by heart diseases, reduces the risk of death and allows the patient to maintain a normal life.
-Social support
-Training and Information services are provided.

Who Can Benefit From Cardiac Rehabilitation?

-Those who have undergone coronary artery surgery (By-pass surgery)
-Those who underwent stenting (Angioplasty)
- Those with chest pain
-Those with heart failure
-Those who have had heart valve surgery
-People who have had a heart transplant

What Are the Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation?

-Reduces the risk of heart attack and sudden death.
- Maximizes heart and vascular functions and capacity.
-Prevents vascular occlusion.
-Increases exercise tolerance.
-Improves the ability to perform activities of daily living.
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