High Intensity Laser Therapy
What is HILT therapy?

High-intensity laser therapy, known as high-intensity laser therapy (HILT), received FDA approval in 2002. It is becoming increasingly popular and used safely in modern medical centers and hospitals around the world. It is a photobiostimulation treatment with Gallium Aluminum Arsenide (GaAlAs) diodes and devices that produce electromagnetic energy with the latest generation Class 4 laser technology.

What are the Differences from Other Lasers?

High Intensity Laser Therapy differs from cold (or low level) laser therapy in that it is much more powerful than cold laser, allowing it to reach deeper (6-10 cm) into cellular tissue and treating surrounding tissues to provide longer lasting results.
How Does HILT Work?

High-intensity laser achieves its effects thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiedemic and analgesic mechanisms. It helps nerve cell regeneration. Photobiostimulation, which occurs by the absorption of electromagnetic waves by cells, brings about desired changes in target cells. From the first session, the pain can be alleviated and body functions can be restored in a short time.

Frequently asked Questions

Osteoarthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, burn healing, decubitus ulcer, CTS, tendinitis and bursitis, sports injuries, radiculopathy and discopathies, chronic osteomyelitis, diabetic neuropathy, epicondylitis, dental diseases, trigeminal neuralgia, postherpetic neuralgias, sjogren's syndrome, bone fractures formation, can be used in scar treatments.
It should not be applied to unclosed fontanelles in children, pregnant women, areas close to cancerous lesions, varicose veins and inflammatory areas. It should be applied very carefully or not at all in those with a diagnosis of epilepsy and those with a pacemaker. The laser directed to the eye from a distance of less than one meter is concentrated by the cornea and injures the eye. The patient and the doctor must wear glasses.
No pain is not felt. The light from the laser feels warm on the body. Many patients find the comforting and warming sensation very comforting. It is described by some as “like warm sunlight”. The most important thing to pay attention to during the application of the method is that the application is done in the right area and in the right way. For this reason, it is important that the application is made by a professional user. Therefore, laser treatment is very comfortable.
It can show its effect from the first session. According to the sudden and short-term (acute) and long-lasting and non-healing (chronic) discomfort of your discomfort, the laser application time and dose decision is determined in line with the recommendation of the specialist physician. Generally, a session can vary between 10 and 20 minutes. While 1-5 sessions may be sufficient in acute cases, it may take up to 6-12 sessions in chronic cases.

With High Intensity Laser Therapy, 80% success has been achieved in improving functions and significantly reducing symptoms.

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