High Intensity Magnetic Field Therapy

High Intensity Magnetic Field Therapy

The connection points of the ligaments between the joints are called ligaments. The current given in the high-intensity magnetic field treatment reaches the ligaments and stimulates the ligaments holding the bones. The person feels this current as if it is receiving small pulses for the first 30 seconds; but there is no contact. Current waves work the joints isometrically. The applied high-intensity magnetic field therapy is a treatment that affects the deepest areas and does not cause any side effects on the patient. It is not an interventional application, it is a physical treatment method based on magnetic field interaction.

Tissues are healing and regenerating

Including deep tissues with 3 tesla power; It can be reliably applied to every part of the body, such as waist, back, shoulder, where pain is felt, and to anyone who can undergo MRI. With the treatment, neuronal stimulation and circulation increase are provided in the applied area. This increase regulates cell membrane functions in the region. With the given current, stimulation is also provided on bone, cartilage and muscle cells.

Quick effect on spinal pain

Neck, back and low back pain are common problems in today's living conditions. It is possible to increase the success of treatment with a therapy that will be applied for 8-10 minutes, 2 days a week. It can be applied not only for painful areas, but also to strengthen muscle and ligament ligaments if desired. It can be applied routinely, such as sports and massage, in order to accelerate blood flow and strengthen tissues.
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