Magnetic Field Therapy
Among the bioenergy types that affect the human body from the environment, the magnetic field has a special place. The effects of magnetic fields on the organism are used for diagnosis and treatment. MRI (colloquially known as EMAR) diagnostic method is the best known of these. In the direction of treatment, we use it in the form of pulsating (vibrating) magnetic field therapy.
Frequency range, current strength (density), shape of electrodes, application time are important parameters in vibrating magnetic field devices. The frequency considered to be effective in routine treatment is generally less than 100 Herz. Increasing the frequency causes the heat effect to override the magnetic field effect. The maximum power generally accepted in magnetic field devices is 10 millitesla (= 100 Gauss). Of the different devices developed for pulsed magnetic field therapy, the ones that create the strongest magnetic field are the spiral electrodes surrounding the body area of ​​interest. With the electrodes developed to form a circle and strong currents, it can transfer intense magnetic field energy with vibration (pulsing) to the lying or sitting patient. The fact that these circles are as close as possible to the relevant body area increases the effect. In addition to ring (spiral) electrodes with high monetary value, there are flat electrodes of different sizes that can be used on relevant body parts and under-cushion electrodes hidden under the treatment bed.

Laboratory experiments and clinical experiences have shown that the pulsatile magnetic field has the following effects on the body;

- Exchange of substances in cell membranes and regulation of cell membrane functions,
- Regulation of circulation by acting on the veins (antiedema effect)
- Anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) effect,
- Spasmolytic (spasmodic) effect
- Analgesic (pain relief) effect
- Regulatory effect on hormonal and enzymatic processes.
- Accelerating wound healing
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