Matrix Therapy
It is a form of treatment developed as a result of scientific research in the field of cell biology at the University of Erlangen. dr. Matrix rhythm therapy, which is based on the rhythm in our body and is based on the rhythm in our body, is important as a method that keeps our body healthy and helps to heal musculoskeletal disorders. What makes this treatment different from other treatment methods is the fact that all our cells are in a state of rhythmic vibration throughout their lives. this cellular vibration is clearly visible, for example, when looking at muscle cells in cell culture with videomicroscopes. In the most recent "actual physical science" publications, it is mentioned that all biological systems are "partially synchronous", that is, partially synchronous.
Due to the synchronization of physico-chemical cellular processes, cooperative rhythms emerge throughout life. thus, the method also positively affects the recovery in post-operative conditions and rehabilitation. Based on the results of basic scientific research, a therapy device was developed that activates and rebalances the unique physiological vibrations of the skeletal muscles and nervous system with a special mechano-magnetic resonator. This therapeutic device acts on the basis of cell biology through rhythmic micro stretching, rebalancing the cellular micro processes on which all cell regeneration and healing on the cellular basis depend.

Diseases that manifest themselves as a result of a process imbalance in our body;

- Joint pain, especially in the shoulders, hips and knees
- Head and neck pain
- Back complaints
- Muscle stiffness and tendon problems
- It is also stated that very successful results have been achieved so far in pain caused by conditions such as edema and scar tissue.
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