Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

As a result of orthopedic traumas and sports injuries, bone fractures, joint sprains, muscle, tendon (the beam connecting the muscle to the bone) and ligament ruptures or injuries, acute painful conditions in the joint or in the muscle may occur.

In this type of orthopedic disability and sports injuries, a severe condition, fracture, etc. that will require surgery. Unless there is a problem, the treatment should be done with physical therapy and exercise applications. Because physical therapy allows the injured tissue to recover, as well as regaining the old function of the muscle and joint. Exercise is essential after orthopedic surgeries such as ligament or tendon repair, fracture fixation, deformity correction, prosthesis. Physical therapy is absolutely necessary in cases where pain, swelling persists, and joint movements are limited after surgery and plaster cast.
Physiotherapy, which started after fracture healing in the past, can now be started right after surgery due to modern orthopedic techniques, and the joint range of motion and muscle strength required for full function are provided to a large extent during the fracture healing process. Especially in complicated joint or ligament surgeries, the success of the result is determined by appropriate and stable surgery and early movement.

Our DOCTORS and physiotherapists, who are experts in the treatment of orthopedic injuries, muscle and joint pains within FIZICA, work as a team to relieve pain and restore functions as soon as possible.

Treatment equipment in orthopedic rehabilitation:

• Knee CPM
• Electrical stimulation options
• Joint protective treadmill technology
• Matrix therapy
• TECAR therapy
• Theraband therapy
• Functional balance training
• High intensity laser
• Cryotherapy
• Magnetic field therapy
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