Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

What is ozone?

Ozone is a chemical compound made up of three oxygen atoms. It is a very high energy-carrying form of diatomaceous normal atmospheric oxygen. O3 is a colorless, characteristic odor gas at room temperature that can be felt after stormy weather, in high places or on the seaside.

Thanks to its very strong oxidizing and very effective disinfecting properties, it is used as a germicidal in treatment plants that provide drinking water around the world.

What are the Treatment Methods?

Major Method: It is the most common usage method. With this method, 50-200 ml of blood taken from the person is mixed with the dose of ozone and then injected into the person again.

Minor Method: 2-5 cc of blood taken from the person is mixed with ozone at a determined dose and injected into the person.

Subcutaneous: The determined dose and volume of ozone gas is injected under the skin with a fine-tipped needle.

Giving Ozone to Body Cavities: Ozone is given to the person by spraying method through rectal – rectal, vaginal and ear canal.

Injection of Ozone Gas into the Joint: In joint disorders, a certain dose of ozone gas is injected into the joints of the person with a suitable needle.

Use of Ozonated Products: It is applied externally by applying ozonated liquids such as ozonated water, ozonated oil.

Ozone sauna applications: It is applied by the method of absorbing ozone to the whole skin in a steamy environment as a result of transdermal and heat-increasing, moisturizing the skin.

Diseases in which Ozone Therapy is Applied

Muscle Pains - Joint Pains - Rheumatic Diseases - Neurological Patients - Chronic Hepatitis and Cirrhosis Treatment Vascular Diseases - Previous Myocardial Infarction - Stress Management - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Hyperlipidemia Treatment - Cellulite Treatment Detox (Toxin Removal) - Ozone Therapy - Non-Healing Wounds in Old Age Treatment - Diseases Caused by Viruses - Restoring Kidney Functions - Skin Diseases - Eye Diseases - Intestinal Diseases - Gynecological Diseases - Dental Diseases


Those who have a disease called Favism (GL-6-F-Dehydrogenase Enzyme Deficiency), which is accompanied by an enzyme deficiency in red blood cells,

- Those who use excessive alcohol,

-Hyperthyroid (thyroid gland over normal),

- In patients with advanced anemia and blood related disorders (Hemophilia, Bleeding, Coagulation diseases, etc.),

-Chronic and recurrent pancreatic gland inflammation (pancreatitis),

In some patients, such as newly developed cardiac infarction and cerebral palsy in which bleeding continues actively,

- Ozone application cannot be performed in patients with an allergy or intolerance to ozone (which is a very rare condition, but mostly occurs in intolerance to odors). In this respect, the situation should be checked by making some laboratory analyzes before the application.


-Clearer, softer and more rejuvenated skin,

- Accelerates blood circulation to cells and tissues,

- Strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to infectious diseases,

-Renews the veins (arterial veins), improves blood pressure,

-Cleans the blood and lymph system,

-It makes the skin work like a third kidney or a second lung system,

- By removing the toxin accumulated in the muscles, it relaxes and softens the muscles, increases their flexibility,

-Improves joint pain and muscle discomfort,

-Restores hormone and enzyme production to normal,

- Strengthens brain functions and memory,

- Relieves depression and distress,

It helps relieve tension caused by depression by providing general calmness by oxidizing adrenaline, known as the stress hormone.


Before applying any form of ozone therapy, do not forget to tell the doctor who will administer the therapy, even if you have recently finished the drugs you use and the special diets applied, even if the doctor advises you to stop them. you should.

Ozone therapy is a low-risk, complementary, supportive and restructuring method, often accompanied by standard medical treatments.
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