Physical therapy and rehabilitation is the elimination of loss of function or inadequacy caused by diseases, accidents, traumas, pain and other reasons, with multi-faceted treatments and applications, and making the individual able to carry out activities of daily living independently.

Physical therapy applications, each of which is based on a certain physiological basis, are important in relieving pain, increasing the daily life activities of the patient with the functions of the movement system and increasing the quality of life.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is one of the main treatment methods in non-surgical treatments for all motion system problems, and it is the main supportive, educational and strengthening treatment method after surgery. Some of the cases that can be considered for surgery can be healed without surgery with good physiotherapy programs.

In our physical therapy unit, there are state-of-the-art equipment suitable for all kinds of sports, orthopedic, spine and joint physiotherapy. With this unit, it is possible to make and implement controlled and accurate exercise programs.

Our team, consisting of specialist doctors and highly experienced physiotherapists within FIZICA, provides services at modern world standards with its current device capacity and technology.
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