Pregnancy Rehabilitation

Pregnancy Rehabilitation

Although pregnancy is a physiological event, it significantly affects many systems, especially the musculoskeletal system.
To prepare the mother for pregnancy and childbirth, physically and mentally; It prevents negativities during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
One of the systems most affected during pregnancy is the musculoskeletal system. This influence exacerbates existing dysfunctions or creates new problems.

Changes in Posture

Three general changes in pregnant posture can lead to chronic pain.
1. Increased cervical and lumbar lordosis
2. Protraction in the shoulder girdle
3. Joint hypermobility

Problems in Pregnancy


Treatments for Pregnancy Rehabilitation in Fizica medical center

Pain treatment: Back-neck pain, pains related to muscle cramps, Traumatic pain caused by joint hypermobility

Edema-varicose treatment: Edema due to circulatory failure in hands and feet Varicose veins due to dilation of veins

Incontinence treatment: Treatment to increase muscle strength, endurance and respiratory capacity

Applied modalities:
Superficial heat and electrotherapy agents,
matrix rhythm therapy
pregnancy massage,
pilates exercises

Exercise apps
Strengthening - stretching exercise
Posture ex.
Pelvic floor ex.
Joint range of motion ex.
Respiratory and aerobic exercise.
Ergonomics training Relaxation exercise.

The Purpose and Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

• Correcting the posture
• Increasing conditioning
• Lengthening tense muscles
• To strengthen weak muscles
• Treating low back pain
• Providing relaxation
• Weight control and body image correction
• Gaining self-confidence and respect
• Approaching the birth event with positive expectations
• At birth: breathing correctly, providing relaxation, facilitating, shortening the time, reducing the need for episiotomy
• Should exercise to treat postpartum urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, sexual disorders
• Controls blood pressure, diabetes, reduces the possibility of leg cramps, constipation, edema, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.
• It regulates circulation and digestion function.
• Supports muscle activity required for birth
• Accelerates postpartum recovery

Massage During Pregnancy

Massage treatments during pregnancy reduce tension and symptoms of depression. Soothes muscle and joint pain. It facilitates the birth and thus contributes to the health of the newborn. Improvements in mood and improvements in cardiovascular system, that is, circulation, are observed in pregnant women who are massaged. Hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol decrease. Hormones such as dopamine and serotonin increase. Thanks to these stress-relieving hormone levels, reductions in birth complications and low birth weight infant rates have been observed. Due to circulatory disorders and the pressure of the growing uterus in the abdomen, edema and swelling are seen especially in the ankles. With the stimulation of the soft tissues and the activation of the circulation after the massage, these swellings and the discomfort they cause are reduced. In addition, lower back and leg pains due to sciatic nerve compression, back and joint pains, headaches due to stress and muscle tension are reduced, a more comfortable sleep is provided, stress and tension are reduced. The pregnant feels much more well-groomed and better.

Pilates During Pregnancy

It is a system of exercises that provide body concentration, tightening, balance-coordination, relaxation with various flow, balanced movements and breathing of a pregnant woman.
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