Tecar Therapy
Capacitive/resistive endothermy or diathermic therapy (often known as tecar therapy – T.E.C.A.R. Therapy (Acronymuos of Capacitive and Resistive Transfer Energy) (short for capacitive and resistive energetic transfer)) is a therapy that stimulates the organism's natural repair processes and shortens motor recovery time.
Diathermy leads to an ionic flux involving micro-hyperemia through electromagnetic energy-tissue interaction; this, as a result, promotes the release of endogenous “substances” (most of which are cortisol and endorphins); this allows the reduction of pain, edema and inflammations.
TECAR works in two modes:

1) Capacitive Mode: The action is concentrated in the area below the mobile electrode. It actively works on soft tissues rich in water content such as muscles, venous lymphatic system etc.

2) Resistive Mode: It performs effectively on all high resistance tissues with low water content. The biological effect takes place in high-resistance tissues placed between the mobile electrode and the return plate, such as bones, joints, tendons, connective tissues.

When TECAR is used in resistive mode it gives excellent results for:
- Sports injuries
- Arthrosis
- tendinitis
- Capsulitis and bursitis
- Heel spur syndrome
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