Upper Extremity Robot
It is the method used in upper extremity dysfunctions and upper extremity paralysis as a result of Central Nervous System diseases (for example, due to stroke).
It is a treatment method that stimulates the biological infrastructure that restores motor skills in the arms and shoulders, increases the patient's own condition, improves grasping power and reorganizes the central nervous system. Many clinical studies have shown that the Armeo active working method (specific movement with high concentration) is more effective than traditional therapeutic systems. This treatment concept is a therapeutic method that increases motivation with special attendant and programmed intense movement that supports functions.

Frequently asked Questions

It shows the impaired nerve conduction due to illness or injury by helping to regain the conduction by making repetitive and purposeful movements. As a result of these movements made by the device, the nerve signals originating from the arm and hand go to the damaged nerve, spinal cord and related centers of the brain and reactivate them, create new connections for nerve transmission, or reorganize the healthy areas around the damaged areas to perform normal arm activities. it does.
The system provides up to 10 times faster and more effective treatment results compared to non-robotic treatment techniques.
Thanks to its different operating modes, it offers ideal solutions for the rehabilitation of patients with very different severity levels.
The system gradually increases the level of work and difficulty, allowing the treatment to be tailored according to the severity of the patient's discomfort.
It creates an increase in motivation thanks to high-efficiency exercises and fun games that can be adapted according to the severity of the patients' illness.
It shapes the appropriate treatment with accurate evaluation and developmental analysis.
It provides the most effective treatment with the treatment parameters that can be adjusted according to the person.
- Stroke
- Cerebral palsy
- Paralysis of the spinal cord
- MS disease
- Nerve injuries
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