Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Treatment on the platform
• In maintaining or increasing bone mineral density
• In maintaining and increasing MUSCLE STRENGTH
• In providing BALANCE and mobility
• In reducing the risk of falls and fall-related injuries
• In reducing age-related articular cartilage destruction
• It has been shown to be effective in increasing tissue perfusion
When standing on the whole body vibration platform, a whole body vibration exercise program is organized with increasing intensity, with rest periods in between, taking into account the direction of the vibration, its frequency, the amplitude and the magnitude of the vibration determined by the acceleration.

When the literature data is examined, it has been shown that whole body vibration is effective in maintaining and increasing bone density in the elderly, individuals with low bone mineral density and adults, and children with physical disorders.

Vibration warning; It has been suggested that it provides sufficient mechanical loading to increase perfusion in the bone and stimulate mechanotransduction and stimulate bone formation, and that whole body vibration indirectly affects bone remodeling through the endocrine system. It is thought that this effect may be due to tissue perfusion, changes in systemic hormones and/or direct mechanical stimulation.
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