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Robot Assisted Gait Therapy (Robogait®) is a robot-assisted gait rehabilitation system used for regaining and improving walking ability in cases of loss of walking ability due to traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke, neurological or orthopedic reasons. It is actuating in a walking pattern and carrying out the load transfer in a controlled manner. A combined treatment is targeted by activating the neuronal pathway with the gait formed under the control of the robotic system.
In this system, after the patient is lifted up on the treadmill by means of straps, with the help of robotic parts placed on both sides of the legs, they are made to walk in a similar way to the normal walking style. During the treatment, body weight, walking pace and shape, joint angles can be controlled by a computer program through the sensors on the device, and the patient can monitor his/her condition from the mirror or virtual reality screen. Thus, the treatment can be tailored to the patient and changed if necessary, in accordance with the individual needs and the purpose of the treatment.

The most important advantage of the system is that it makes movements very similar to normal walking and constantly stimulates the centers in the brain. Since the patient perceives the feeling of walking in different environments on the virtual reality screen or sees himself walking in the mirror, he has the opportunity to do walking exercises without getting bored during the treatment. With this method, the recovery process of the patients is accelerated and their walking patterns develop in a way that is close to normal. The process of adapting to the walking robotic legs also shows another beneficial effect of the visual motivation system by increasing muscle strength and control.

Frequently asked Questions

The patient to be treated is first taken into the device by means of the carrier garment that is put on his body. After the body weight is completely transferred to the device, robotic walking devices are attached to the legs of the patient. The patient is started to walk by transferring a partial load on the treadmill to create a normal walking pattern. Robotic walkers aim to reveal and strengthen active movement during walking with the help of sensing sensors. Meanwhile, the patient can follow his/her walk from the mirror or virtual reality screen in front of him.
- Provides walking closest to the normal walking pattern in patients with walking capacity.
- Encourages and strongly motivates the patient by using the psychological effects of standing upright and walking.
- It provides the opportunity to walk in an upright position in bedridden patients, with robot support or completely with robot power. It reduces the undesirable effects caused or posed by inactivity, such as clot formation in the legs, restriction of movement in the joints, constipation and osteoporosis.
- It relaxes the increased muscles in low-grade contractions.
- By facilitating blood circulation and increasing tissue nutrition, it creates positive effects on internal organ functions.
- With its evaluation tools and reporting capability, it monitors and records the developments in the patient during the treatment process. It gives the opportunity to examine and reason about these developments.
- It provides both robotic force support and body weight support, which can be adjusted according to the need. applies a personalized therapy session according to the patient's abilities.
- Makes you do exercises with fun games that use various visual and audio warnings in the virtual environment. Thus, it ensures the highest possible level of participation of the patient.
- Brain strokes called hemiplegia, namely strokes.
- Paraplegia, that is, spinal cord paralysis.
- Cerebral palsy, spastic children.
- Ms disease.
- Parkinson's disease in which walking is also affected.
- Muscle wasting diseases.
- Paralysis after injury or brain surgery.
- Loss of walking ability due to neurological or orthopedic reasons
- Situations where the cerebellum, which is our center of balance, is affected.
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